Tuition and Fees

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General Fees:

Registration Fee: $15/year/family

Recital fee:  Fall and Spring semesters only

  • $25/semester for Suzuki Book 1-3 students
  • $35/semester for Suzuki Book 4-5 students
  • $50/semester for advanced students (one hour of rehearsal time/semester)


Private Lesson Fees:

Phyllis Freeman (violin/viola), Troy Stuart (cello)

30 minute lesson: $39                  45 minute lesson:  $58.50                       1 hour lesson: $78

Megann Greenlees (violin/viola, music therapy), Jennifer Houck (violin/viola)

30 minute lesson: $33                 45 minute lesson: $49.50                        1 hour lesson: $66


Group and Ensemble Fees

Suzuki Group classes:   Includes 9 classes, dress rehearsal and concert each semester.

  • $175 for 30 minute groups
  • $275 for 45 minute groups
  • $350 for 60 min. classes

Youth Orchestra:  Click on “Youth Orchestra’ Tab.

NEW!  Chamber Music:    One hour sessions (10) with a MDTEC faculty member each semester.  Groups may perform on group concerts. Open to non-MDTEC students.

3 students will cost $220/semester.   4 students will cost $170/semester.  Non-MDTEC students will have to pay an additional $15 for the yearly registration fee.


Pianists for Recitals:

  • Students in Suzuki books 1-3 may rehearse with a pianist provided by MDTEC at the recital location, just prior to the performance if no other rehearsal time can be scheduled. MDTEC pays the pianist for this rehearsal time and for all performances at MDTEC recitals/concerts/groups.
  • Students in Suzuki book 4 and up must rehearse with the designated pianist prior to the day of the performance.   MDTEC covers the cost of 15 min. of rehearsal time for book 4 and up students.  For additional time over 15 min., parents must pay the pianist directly at a rate of $18/15 min. increment.
  •  Parents must pay pianists directly all non-MDTEC events. (competitions, auditions)