General Policies

Private Lessons

Every student receives a weekly private lesson. In addition to private lessons, violin students are required to attend a weekly group class until they are finished with the 8th grade or reach the age of 15.  Parents are required to attend the private lessons until their child is 12 years old. Parents need to take notes and be prepared to practice daily with their child at home. Students will need the following amount of time for their private lessons:

Beginner-Suzuki Book 1,  30 minutes
Suzuki Books 2-3,  45 minutes
Suzuki Book 4 and up,  60 minutes
Professional track, up to 2 hours a week

Make Up Lessons and Scheduling

MDTEC faculty do not give make up lessons due to student cancellation nor will money be refunded for unused lessons or groups.  If you know in advance that you will have to miss a lesson you may try to switch your lesson time with another student.

MDTEC faculty will make up lessons in the event the teacher cancels due to illness or in the event of inclement weather.   MDTEC will make decisions about closing by noon. A make up lesson will be offered for the same day of the week at a time within 1 hour of the usual lesson slot.  If two make up slots are offered under these conditions and the parent declines, then the make up will be forfeited.  (The teacher cannot offer to make up lessons on Dec. 24 – 26, Jan. 1, Labor Day or Memorial Day)  All make up lessons must occur during the same semester as the lesson that was missed.

Families may not request a customized schedule for private lessons.  Parents must agree to pay for all lessons that are scheduled according to the MDTEC calendar.

Group Classes

Violin Students are required to attend a weekly MDTEC group class until they have finished the 8th grade or reach the age of 15.  Starting with the 9th grade students are still required to participate in some type of ensemble while taking private lessons at MDTEC.  Some students may elect to continue with MDTEC groups like the violin choir and/or join a youth orchestra, school orchestra or chamber music ensemble.  Failure to follow this requirement will result in a students dismissal from the MDTEC program.


All students are required to perform on at least one solo recital each semester. Students who are in groups classes will also be required to perform in a group concert each semester.


MDTEC provides a pianist for every MDTEC concert/recital. Students in Suzuki books 1-3 may sign up via email for a rehearsal with the designated pianist that will occur in the hour prior to the performance. MDTEC covers the fees for this rehearsal time and any MDTEC concert/recital/group class. ( See “tuition and fees” page for more clarification.) Students in Suzuki books 4 and up must rehearse with the pianist prior to the day of the performance.


MDTEC requires a strong commitment to a child’s musical studies. The following is a list of activities that students could add in addition to their concerts at MDTEC. Please consult your private teacher before engaging in any performance commitments outside of MDTEC sponsored events.

We encourage your child to participate in any of the following:
Youth Orchestra, school orchestra, chamber music, performances at religious services, ASTA exams, competitions, music camps, Suzuki Institutes, All-County and All-State orchestras and masterclasses.  Students should not participate in any ongoing orchestra until they are either in Suzuki Book 4 or 12 years old.

MDTEC does not allow elementary school students to participate in their school programs.  Students may participate in school programs on a wind, brass or percussion instrument.


Students can be placed on probation status be dismissed from MDTEC for any of the following reasons:

When a student is placed on probation parents will receive a letter stating the reasons for the probation. The student will then have one semester to make the needed changes. At the end of the semester the director or asst. director will determine if the student will be permitted to continue their studies at MDTEC.  Students face immediately dismissal from private lessons for failure to participate in mandatory violin group classes.

Professional track

This is for students who are seriously considering a career in music performance. This decision should be made no later than the 10th grade and no earlier than the 8th grade. In addition to private lessons these students should also take music theory, piano as a second instrument, orchestra and chamber music. Parents should be prepared to purchase an instrument/bow that is suitable for a professional musician. Students should be prepared to practice 3 hours a day and attend a major music camp/institute for 3-6 weeks during the summer. If you and your child are considering this track please schedule a conference with your private teacher and the MDTEC director.


All students are expected to practice everyday. Please consult your private teacher regarding the expected duration. Parents should help the students with their practicing until the child is 12 years old. Consult with your private teacher to determine what form this assistance should take. Students should practice at least as long as their lesson time, more if they are participating in orchestra or chamber music.  Click here for more practicing tips.

Summer Lessons

Students must take at least 3 private lessons during the course of the summer. If their regular private teacher is not available during the week you wish to schedule a lesson then you may schedule a lesson with another MDTEC teacher. Please do not schedule lessons with other teachers if your regular private teacher is available. Students who attend a camp/institute may subtract one lesson for each week they attend a camp.


Students should attend concerts given by professional musicians as often as possible. Students ages 10 and over are required to attend at least 2 concerts by professional musicians/orchestras/etc. each academic year. MDTEC will provide a list of recommended concerts.


Students under the age of 15 may not be left unsupervised in any MDTEC location or surrounding property. Parents are responsible for any damage that their children cause to property or harm they inflict upon others while in any MDTEC location. Siblings must be supervised by an adult while their brother/sister is having a lesson. Siblings are welcome in lessons.

Parents choosing to drop off and pick up their children rather than escorting them into the building should watch until the student is securely in the building.


Lessons/classes provided as part of the MDTEC tuition cannot occur in any location other than the Mt. Airy or Frederick branches of the school.

Faculty members may not be paid directly for instruction.

A parent or a student is to notify the MDTEC in a timely manner when instructional or personal problems arise. Every effort will be made to respond to individual needs.**

Students enrolling for individual lessons cannot be currently studying the same instrument at another institution or with a private teacher without the approval of the director.

Students enrolled at MDTEC  may not be accepted by any MDTEC faculty member for purposes of instruction outside of MDTEC. This agreement shall remain in effect for the period of one year from the time of withdrawal from MDTEC for the student or faculty member.

Students assume all risks associated with participation in a MDTEC class/lesson and release MDTEC and their representatives, agents, faculty, and employees from any responsibility and liability for injuries, illness, medical bills, charges, or other expenses incurred through participation in the program, except if the danger or losses are caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the agents or employees of MDTEC.