Group Classes

Violin Group classes are a very important component of the MDTEC educational experience.   All violin students are required to take group classes in addition to their weekly private lesson until they finish the 8th grade or turn 15.  After that time, they may continue in violin groups or elect to participate in some form of ensemble.  Ensembles can be MDTEC groups or MDTEC or non-MDTEC youth orchestras, school or church orchestras.

Here are the MDTEC violin group class offerings for the 2018-19 academic year.  Classes run from Sept. through Nov. in the fall and Feb. through April in the Spring.   There is one group concert each semester.   Group class fees are $175/semester for a half hour class, $275 for a forty five minute class and $350/semester for a one hour class.

Instrument                 Level                                 Time                     Day                    Location

Violin                     Level A1 of VPM                5:00-5:30            Wednesday          Frederick

Violin                     Level A2-B1 of VPM          5:30-6:15           Wednesday          Frederick

Violin                     Book 4 and up                   4:45-5:45            Tuesdays             Mt. Airy