We are so lucky to have Phyllis Freeman and MDTEC in Frederick County! Having grown up playing the violin, I know how rare it is for a teacher to have such patience with young beginners starting open-string pizzicato exercises and also have the superior skill required to send teenage students to top music schools for college, if they choose. I continue to be humbled that a teacher of her ability is willing to gladly spend her time helping our 4-year-old learn to play a strong martele stroke on open A. She takes this just as seriously as teaching her older students high-level sonatas or concertos. Phyllis is intrigued by the learning process, and she uses a hands-on approach to help develop strong technique from the very beginning. To accompany lessons, her Violin Practice method has been a life saver to me as a parent. Her method has guided me and our daughters in bite-size steps through the potentially most frustrating early moments, and solidified technical principles that will be so important later on. We are grateful to Phyllis for her wisdom and guidance and look forward to many more years of music making!

Lisa Whitehead, parent

Playing an instrument has given me a life long passion and skill, and a way to connect and interact with others. I’ve also gained discipline and a great way to relieve stress. Playing my instrument really helps me expend my creative energy and gives my brain a full workout.

Alexis Cooper, former student

Having my daughter study violin at MDTEC under Phyllis Freeman for the last decade has been like participating in an on-going family enrichment program.  As Maura has grown and developed as a violinist, our family has benefitted as fellow Arts participants in the process.  Our home has been continually filled with the sounds of music as we have witnessed and supported the incredible dedication and perseverance required in studying a string instrument.  The family participation encouraged at MDTEC in the pursuit of this art form has allowed us to make lasting friendships—all of us enjoying the recitals and concerts together in support of the students.

Throughout, Phyllis Freeman has expertly led Maura through so many phases of development, helping her to grow in her ability to play, perform, and understand music and the violin.  As an exceptional teacher, Phyllis understands and guides Maura through personal challenges, engaging her in creative ways to elevate her performance mastery for both personal satisfaction and for public recitation in solo, ensemble, and orchestra. Phyllis has fostered in Maura a life-long love of music and a performance ability which she is able to continuously share with her community.

Bridget Choudhary, parent

When we moved to MD our daughter was 9 years old and had already been taking Suzuki violin for a couple years. I was drawn to MDTEC after sitting in on a group lesson and being impressed by the staff. Once enrolled our daughter had to repeat some of her early Suzuki work to correct some bad habits. Given how she now plays (age 14) this must have been the right call.

We are not expecting our daughter to pursue a career in music, but given the time and money a family and child invest in lessons over the years, it is a waste to settle for less than excellent instruction. Although the instruction is intense, MDTEC must also be fun, – our daughter just decided against her JV soccer team becasue it would not leave enough time for violin.
Jay Smathers, parent

Life changing.  That’s what MDTEC means to our family.  After going to three other teachers who recommended to stop playing violin, we heard about Phyllis from other families.  Working with Jenn and her, my children enjoy playing.

After a long school day, then late group rehearsal, the students with smiles and enthusiasm, followed Phyllis’s directions which were mostly non verbal.  It was palpable all were enjoying playing.

She is patient with wiggly boys and talkative toddlers.  Phyllis is encouraging when the performance doesn’t sound as good as the practice.  She can quote you research on music and the developing brain.  She is truly a gifted music teacher.

I truly am grateful for you sharing your talents and support with our family.

Justine Somani, parent

Our son took guitar for a year as a 5 year old, and even though he loved his teacher and the lessons, we couldn’t get him to practice at home. It was like pulling teeth just to get him to take it out of the case.  We took a year off after that because we thought maybe he was just too young. He expressed interest in violin as a 6 year old, so we signed him up for weekly lessons with Maryland Talent Education Center.
He has had a fantastic experience with MDTEC and we never have to fuss at him to practice. He loves the format and all the skills he’s learning. He’s so proud of his accomplishments and shows us what he can do every time he practices (which is nearly every day with no fighting or tears)!  He was even able to participate in a recital after just a month of lessons and he was so proud of himself! Thank you MTEC for offering such a high standard of education in a fun, inviting setting!
Lee Fuhr, parent

“MDTEC provides a fun learning environment for our daughter.  Her teacher is top notch and very motivating and gives a variety of music our daughter really likes — from classical to pop to church music. We also enjoy the many wonderful performance opportunities they offer — solo, group, orchestra, even chamber group during their summer program. Highly recommend this school — possibly the best strings program in Central Maryland!”

Ariel Dechosa, parent